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Midnight on the OASYS...

m1OASYS can still be purchased at BYO but:

Backyard Observatories does provide equipment for the m1OASYS automation system, however, please note we are no longer able to offer the hardware installation of the m1 system. It must be understood that it is a DIY project now.  Manuals, info and basic ASCOM drivers have been released to the public domain for DIY purposes    

The basic ASCOM driver released to the public domain is here     This driver will allow you to use any ASCOM dome client (CCDAP, ACP, Maxim, etc.) to control the roof and interact with weather servers or perform other automated tasks. 

IF YOU PLAN TO AUTOMATE regardless of the system you go with you will need to add our LBB computer interface to the roof motor.
Let us know if you may eventually automate.

m1OASYS DIY price:  $2,150 plus shipping based on your location.  Please contact us to determine total cost.

Any additional m1-reflective telescope sensors (1 included in m1-DIY package):  $140

The m1OASYS – Observatory Automation System.

The m1OASYS system is an Observatory Automation/Security System. This very flexible and robust system is a must-have tool for anyone wishing to secure, monitor, and remotely control their telescope observatory. The newest addition to the m1OASYS platform is control from an iPhone and/or iPad! See pics below for this very exciting addition the an already robust rich set of tools.

The m1OASYS is a do-it-yourself (DIY) package. The hardware architecture for this system is based on the ELK m1 Gold Platform, an industry leading home automation system. This core architecture, along with the addition of key hardware and software components makes the m1OASYS much more then a roof motor relay system, it is a complete automation system capable of doing some amazing tasks.

To further extend control, m1OASYS has teamed up with CCDWare to bring you a whole new set of integration capabilities, including the ability to remotely START, PAUSE, RESTART, SHUTDOWN, or ABORT a CCDAP imaging session from the m1OASYS system…again the Executable Knowledge is in the control of your hands!

The core functions of the m1OASYS system are to;

1) Secure your Observatory – The m1OASYS is a state of the art security system. The system can be monitored by a remote security service for additional peace of mind. The system can support a wide range of devices including smoke alarms, motion detectors, window and door sensors. Sensors are also used to determine scope and roof position – click here to learn more

2) Monitor your Observatory – The m1OASYS contains a built-in phone and internet server that allows for remote monitoring of all the systems in your observatory. The m1OASYS will automatically keep you informed as to the status of your observatory systems and the weather conditions at your observatory site. – click here to learn more

3) Control your Observatory – The m1OASYS true power is a an automation control system. You can control the roof open and close functions, turn on/off cameras/mounts/computers, control ventilation fans, heating and cooling systems…the list is endless. Virtually any system connected to the m1OASYS can be automated. Included with the m1OASYS system is a powerful Rules Engine that gives you the ability to write your on automation rules, it is simple and requires no programming experience. Of course all these systems can be controlled remotely via phone or internet click here to learn more

4) Integrate your Observatory – The m1OASYS system includes an ASCOM driver that will integrate your observatory functions and automation rules, with popular image automation programs such as CCDAutopilot, ACP or CCD Commander. Included in our upcoming release of this driver is the ability to monitor, control and automate functions in your observatory based on weather conditions (support for a variety of weather stations as well as Boltwood I and II) and observatory conditions (such as AC Power Loss or Internet Failure)  click here to learn more

The m1OASYS - iPad and iPhone App Enabled!

m1OASYS iPhone