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Secure Your Observatory

The m1OASYS is a world-class home security system that includes 16 separate zones to monitor windows, doors and other areas for intrusion, fire, etc….You can connect a wide range of security devices to the m1OASYS such as motion detectors, smoke/fire/co2 detectors, glass breakage sensors, as well as intruder deterrents such as high db sirens and strobes.

The system can alert the owner of security breaches via Alarms, Phone Voice Messages, Text Messages or Email. The system can also be connected to remote monitoring companies for added security. And of course all of the security functions can be controlled/monitored via the internet.

The security features of this system are additionally utilized as an add-on safety step when opening or closing the roof. Opening or Closing a roll-off roof is not a trivial task, and the operator needs to take all necessary precautions before starting the roof motor. Damage to persons or equipment can occur when the roof is in motion so all necessary precautions should be taken before executing such a command. To aid in this the m1OASYS systems contains Scope Position Sensors and Roof Position Sensors.

M1OASYS Security