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Monitor Your Observatory

The m1OASYS continuously monitors the health and status of your observatory including; roof position, scope position, security status, arming/disarming events, intrusions, internal temperature limits, AC power failures, and more. The m1OASYS contains a voice and web server that allows for remote communication. The system can alert the owner of specific events or failures via Phone Voice Message, Text Messaging, or Email, and of course via the web.


Included in the latest release of the m1OASYS ASCOM driver is a m1Wacher. m1Watcher is a feature that will connect to your weather station (or a remote weather station if needed) and/or cloud sensors. The driver uses this information as “Executable Knowledge” to automate the controls in your observatory. Based on environmental conditions at your observatory (such as cloud status, wind, rain, AC power status or internet status) you can automate the controls in your observatory as well as communicate directly with your image acquisition program to shutdown an session if needed. The system can be programmed by the end-user to react to specific events, for example when an AC power failure is detected, and the roof is open, the system can contact you via phone, then park your telescope, power down your camera, secure your observatory and close the roof, all automatically based on this single event. The possibilities are truly amazing.